Sgt. Pepper




Quartet (4)


Dennis Jones


Vocals, electric guitars, bass guitar, keyboard and drum kit

PA System

Indoors & Outdoors


Rocking & captivating, Sgt. Pepper performs music by the Beatles and other British Invasion artists at festivals, concerts in the park, charity fundraisers, corporate events, wedding receptions and night clubs. Although Sgt. Pepper focuses on Beatles and other British rock ‘n’ roll, it can also perform many other classic rock, soul and country tunes, as well as standards and bossa nova music for the cocktail hour. Sgt Pepper’s members are well-known, LA-based musicians and singers who have performed with major recording artists, leading music agencies and/or other bands. They came together to form Sgt. Pepper out of a mutual love of the Beatles’ music. Their timing couldn't have been better. Due to the release of Beatles Rock Band, the remastered Beatles catalogue and the 50th anniversary of Beatlemania, national interest in Beatles music has surged, proving once again that the Beatles are the most popular recording artists of all time, with fans ranging from teenagers to septuagenarians.