Kipp Kobayashi
Kipp Kobayashi
Kipp Kobayashi
Kipp Kobayashi
Kipp Kobayashi


Kipp Kobayashi’s work explores how human dynamics merge with the physical characteristics of a specific environment, transforming them into living entities composed of thoughts, actions and experiences. He aims to showcase the unexpected, hoping that by revealing those elements, one will forever see and use a particular place or thing in a new and different way.

Kobayashi received a BA from the University of California at Berkeley, an MFA from the University of Southern California and teaches at Cal Poly Pomona School of Environmental Design. He has created projects and presented ideas for cities across the nation and for such organizations as the Getty Museum, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority and Bay Area Rapid Transit. Kobayashi is founder of Mythograph, an interdisciplinary design company.


Sculpture (Metal, Wood, Stone, etc.)
Planning/Programming/Design Team Collaboration
Digital Media