The Time Capsule Project

What would you like future Angelenos to know about your Los Angeles? We are asking for your stories, memories, and mementos to represent the people, cultures, and communities that make up Los Angeles County for a time capsule to be sealed inside the Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial for a future generation to discover. This call is open to all residents of Los Angeles County, and entrants may submit an idea as either an individual or a group.

Time Capsule Criteria

The time capsule is small, 18X10X8 inches and while would like to include as many items as possible, not all submissions will be able to be included. The Arts Commission is working closely with an advisory group comprised of community members from across the region to select items for the time capsule that are culturally, geographically, and historically representative of the rich diversity that comprises LA County in 2019. Items will be selected using the following criteria:

  • Reflections of your (or your community’s) current social, cultural, economic, environmental, and/or political life—What is your Los Angeles?
  • Representations of this current time period—What is remarkable about 2019? What do you want the future to know about your Los Angeles now?
  • Your (or your community’s) connection to the Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial or its history

How to Submit

Step One

Decide if you are going to submit as an individual or as a group (for example: a class, family, organization, community group, etc.)

Step Two

Decide what you want to submit as a possible item for the time capsule (for example: stories, drawings, photographs, poetry, small books, objects, etc.) that meet the time capsule criteria

Items should be things like:

  • Postcards no larger than 4x6”
  • Letters or drawings on paper no larger than 8.5x 11”
  • Printed photographs (on photo paper) no larger than 8x10”
  • Books, booklets, or brochures no larger than 5x8x0.5”
  • Objects no larger than 2x2x1”

Step Three

Submit your idea for the time capsule by completing the online form no later than Friday, May 17, 2019 at 5PM PST.

Please do not send the original item until you have been notified it has been accepted.

Get Started



Since 2014, the Arts Commission has been working with the Department of Public Works on the refurbishment of the Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial located at 501 N. Hill Street in between the 110 freeway and Chinatown. The memorial will be re-dedicated on July 3, 2019 on the anniversary of the original 1958 dedication. The memorial depicts the first United States flag raised in Los Angeles in 1847 at Fort Moore after the Mexican-American War. It also acknowledges the pioneers and ranchos who worked the land, the prairie schooner that brought eastern settlers to Los Angeles, and the effects of technologies like water and power on the modernization of Los Angeles, emphasized by the 80 foot waterfall now operational for the first time in over 40 years. The pylon and flag pole area commemorate the Mormon Battalion and their westward march. While we recognize all of these as significant moments in history we also know these are not the only stories that make up the past, present and future of Los Angeles.

When the monument was originally built, a time capsule was placed in the flag pole base. During construction, Arts Commission staff opened the time capsule and documented the contents. The new time capsule will be sealed in the flag pole base at the re-dedication on July 3, 2019 to be opened some time in the future.


March 11, 2019 Arts Commission accepts ideas for time capsule submissions
May 6, 2019 Deadline for submissions for the time capsule
May 31, 2019 Selected submissions for the time capsule notified
June 1-15, 2019 Selected items collected for the time capsule
July 3, 2019 Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial rededication and time capsule ceremony

Have Questions?

Please contact Robin Garcia via email with the Subject line Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial Time Capsule Project, or call (213) 202-5944.