Mexican/Mexican American
South American


Quartet (4)
Quintet (5)
Sextet (6)
Octet (8)


Javier Arjona
(562) 805-7770


Vocals (2), electric guitar, piano, bass, sax and flute, drums, dancer(s)

PA System

Indoors & Outdoors


Formed by musicians from Brazil, Mexico, and the United States, Along for the Ride aims to build bridges that separate languages, cultures, musical genres, and generations, by mixing traditional instruments with technology, and by performing in other languages, besides English, including indigenous languages. The band's style is a blend of the western classical traditions in which they were trained, with the African and Indigenous heritage of their native countries, resulting in a unique way of interpreting jazz, bossa nova, and other Latin genres, both standards and originals. Because of their strong cultural orientation and their academic expertise, Along for the Ride not only entertains, but educates their audiences.