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Evan Brown
(310) 228-8939


Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums and keyboard

PA System

Indoors & Outdoors


Evan Brown is a singer-songwriter with a wide variety of material and appeal. Evan performs most frequently as an acoustic duo with guitarist Max Mendoza, playing his original music, but also boasts over 5 hours of popular music ranging from Del Shannon to Bruno Mars. Evan draws in listeners with his strong voice, solid guitar playing and the Flamenco-esque finger-style of Max Mendoza.

"His latest release, the five track “220 Lincoln” EP marks him out as rounded, confident wordsmith, with tunes to match. His soulful, sunshine approach to his music places him in a group of likeminded performers that includes well known names like Jack Johnson and Matt Costa, but listen closely and you’ll hear some intriguing influences at the fore of his sound"- Phil S. of Leicester Bangs.

Even though these two collegiality-trained musicians typically perform on acoustic instruments, they're foot-tapping fun for listeners of all ages and backgrounds.