John Zipperer & Friends




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Trio (3)
Quartet (4)
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John Zipperer


Guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals, bass, keyboard and drums

PA System

Indoors & Outdoors


Tight harmonies, infectious melodies & heartfelt lyrics that reach fans in places they didn't know they had, define John Zipperer & Friends. When John Zipperer & Friends take the stage, a stellar lineup of band members (bass, lead guitar, mandolin, keyboards and vocals) adding their magic and soon heads are bopping, hands are clapping, folks are dancing and singing along. John Zipperer & Friends deliver a unique and refreshing blend of rock, folk, country and blues drawing upon the wealth of experience that the individual members contribute. Credits range from Jethro Tull and Vanilla Fudge to Frank Zappa and The Wallflowers. Their performance has no facade, no pretense of cool. Just music, mighty good music.