Vento Sur


Mexican/Mexican American
Central American


Quartet (4)
Quintet (5)


Julissa Bozman
(661) 291-1469


Guitar, cello, electric bass, guitarron, vihuela, violin, charango and percussion

PA System

Indoors & Outdoors


Vento Sur performs music in both Spanish and Portuguese languages. Its bilingual name: Vento (wind in Portuguese), Sur (South in Spanish), was inspired by a metaphoric representation of a fresh breeze of music and culture moving from south to north. Vento Sur presents a uniting element for various Latin American cultures, performing folk and popular music styles such as Tango, Salsa, Cumbia, and Samba (Cachita, Asa Branca, El Zopilote Mojado, La Cumparsita, Piel Canela, Gracias a la Vida, Favela, etc). We use traditional instruments such as charango, guitarron, and cajón, as well as modern instruments: electric bass and drum set. We talk briefly about the music in order to inform the audience about an interesting fact about the song: instrumentation, history or the lyrics. Many of our songs motivate the audience to get up and dance.