2020 has caused some unprecedented changes to the Arts Internship Program. On this page, find a list of resources and forms for the 2020 Arts Internship program. This page will be continually updated with more resources as necessary. If you have not already, please be sure to review the COVID-19 Guidance for the 2020 Arts Internship Program issued by Arts and Culture at the end of March.

Grant Documents (webinars, forms, instructions)

2020 Organization Intern Agreement Form
A Microsoft word version of the 2020 Organization - intern agreement form.

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2020 Intern Selection Instructions
A .docx of step-by-step instructions for verifying intern eligibility with the Department of Arts and Culture.

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COVId-19 Guidance Webinar Recording
A recording of the complete COVID-19 Guidance webinar from 4/9/20.
(NOTE: The forefiture date mentioned in the video has been extended to June 15, 2020)

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Webinar Powerpoint
A PDF of the presentation materials for the 4/9/20 webinar.

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Internship Confirmation Form (Updated 6/1/2020)

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LA County Grant Calculator

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90% Invoice

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Resources from Supervisor Orientation (4/13/20)

Orientation Powerpoint
A PDF of the presentation materials for the 4/13/20 Orientation.

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Keynote Speaker Slides
A PDF of the materials from Jade Agua's keynote speech.

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Resources from Reflect In/Reflect Out

Reflect In/Reflect Our resources are coming soon.