Review Process

Applications will be reviewed and scored by a grant peer review panel made up of artists, arts and nonprofit professionals, social service providers, community members and others with knowledge and professional qualifications in the arts and social services and with familiarity of Los Angeles County arts and social services sectors. Grant review panels will reflect the diversity of the region and the various professional groups encompassed by the arts and social service sectors, such as practitioners, administrators, board members and educators.

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Criterion 1

A project with exceptional Artistic Merit engages qualified and diverse arts or cultural professionals; provides arts experiences that expose participants to new perspectives; provides opportunities for engagement in the creative process; and demonstrates cross-sector understanding, both supporting the arts and advancing community priorities.

Criterion 2

An organization with exceptional Organizational Readiness/Managerial Excellence and Fiscal Responsibility recruits and retains an engaged, diverse and qualified board, staff, contractors and/or volunteers and has an accumulated deficit of less than 20% of their total operational expenses for two or more years. *The organization addresses and is taking steps to integrate and reflect the values of cultural equity and inclusion, highlighting any progress made over the last two or more years at the board, leadership, and staff level. Competitive applications will address all application questions and provide complete information.

Criterion 3

An exceptional Project Plan will outline all aspects of the project with significant detail, including a project timeline. It also includes a realistic project budget with accurate cost and income/revenue information.

Criterion 4

An exceptional Project Evaluation highlights the goals and objectives of the project, along with an assessment plan that will be used to measure project impact and success.

Criterion 5

A demonstration of exceptional Knowledge of Target Constituents and Needs will include detailed description of your community, including demographic information and shows how the organization is responsive to the needs of the community served, with a particular emphasis on individuals and communities for whom the arts are not readily accessible. *The organization addresses and is taking steps to integrate and reflect the values of cultural equity and inclusion, highlighting any progress or efforts made over the last two or more years.

Cultural Equity & Inclusion Initiative Note

In light of the new Cultural Equity & Inclusion Initiative recommendations a redistribution of points assigned to review criteria has been implemented. The maximum point total for Artistic Merit—Criterion 1 has been changed from 40 to 35 and point distribution for Knowledge of Target Constituents and Needs—Criterion 5 has changed from 20 to 25.

Scoring Breakdown

CRITERION 1: Artistic Merit 35
CRITERION 2: Organizational Readiness/ Managerial Excellence/Fiscal Responsibility 20
CRITERION 3: Quality of Project Plan 15
CRITERION 4: Quality of Project Evaluation 5
CRITERION 5: Knowledge of Target Constituents and Needs 25