About CIAG

Eligible Projects We Fund

  • The project is an arts project that takes place in Los Angeles County. 
  • The project will occur between July 1 and June 30 in the applicable grant period, e.g., July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018
  • Religious organizations are eligible provided the project reaches the broader community and is not religious in purpose.  
  • Institutions of higher education are eligible provided the project engages in cross-sector work that provides expanded arts access to those normally not served by the organization. For example, a university mental health center or institute incorporating art therapy into the services they provide their constituents. 
  • Municipalities are eligible provided the project is delivering arts access through departments or programs whose primary mission is to provide services other than arts programming.  
  • A project does not have to be a new activity. Existing projects looking to expand in scope are just as competitive as new activities, provided that they support programs in communities that have limited access to traditionally structured arts programming.  
  • Projects can be a combination of various types of programs or activities, but it is recommended that applications focus on one program or activity.  
  • Projects can be small in scope and do not need to serve large numbers of people as long as they positively impact the organization’s purpose or mission. 

Ineligible Projects - We do not Fund

  • Scholarly research
  • Projects held, performed or exhibited outside of Los Angeles County
  • Programs for private member communities or clubs
  • Purchase of major equipment, land, buildings or construction, maintenance of existing facilities or other capital expenditures
  • Travel or housing costs, including bussing
  • Hospitality or food costs
  • Funds going directly into trusts, endowments or cash reserves
  • Projects with religious or evangelical purposes that specifically serve only church membership or proselytize.
  • General funding for university presenting series, museums or galleries.


The Arts Commission will not consider multiple requests for the same project OR from the same nonprofit organization or municipality. Fiscal Sponsors may submit requests on behalf of multiple projects.