Manage Your Grant

Photo courtesy of United Methodist Museum of Social Justice.

Project Ammendments

Grant activities and expenses must be consistent with those approved for funding. If changes in the project are necessary, you must:

  1. Contact Arts and Culture's Grants and Professional Development staff and set up a project amendment phone appointment;
  2. If approved, complete and submit the Project Amendment form.
  3. Craft and submit a project amendment letter written on your organization’s letterhead. The project amendment letter must, at a minimum, must include the following information:
    • CIAG contract number;
    • Specific change(s) requested;
    • Justification for requested change(s);
    • Revised project budget, if applicable, or the statement No revised project budget has been included in this amendment;
    • Contact information, including a phone number, fax number, and e-mail address;
    • A statement which reads as follows: The parties agree to amend the terms of the contract as set forth in this amendment. Except as amended herein, all other terms and conditions of this contract shall remain in full force and effect;
    • Signature of two authorizing officials of your organization, or a corporate resolution or affidavit from the corporation's board that the single officer signing the letter on the corporation's behalf has the authority to bind the corporation;

No project amendment is in effect until grantee receives approval from the Department of Arts and culture, in the form of a signed project amendment form. Until written approval is received, the grantee shall only incur costs and carry out its project work in a manner consistent with the Terms and Instructions of the original contract.

Contact and Organization Information Updates

Grantees must notify Arts and culture of changes to their organization’s contacts or other organizational information. A CIAG Information Update form is available in Survey Monkey Apply. Once logged in, complete the form and email the Grants Staff to confirm your submission has been received.


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