Share and Use Your Assessment Results

Where the rubber meets the road

Now that you have implemented the methods you selected, go back and reflect on the original purpose and needs for the assessment process as you defined them in Step One. Proceed to answer the questions you outlined, using the information you gathered.

If you hired a consultant, they can help analyze the information gathered from individual assessment methods and across all methods utilized. However, it is up to your agency to determine how to take what you’ve learned and put it to use.

​We recommend that the advisory group meet throughout the assessment process and once again after information is analyzed to review and discuss the findings as a staff team. In addition to the questions developed when you defined the purpose and need for the study, ask your staff to complete Worksheet #3 and discuss the results together.

In conclusion

We hope this toolkit is helpful for agencies that provide capacity building services to other organizations or individuals. The recommendations and methods presented are not comprehensive and can be selected as appropriate for your agency, as well as complemented by other data collection methods. Whether all or just a piece of this toolkit is utilized, conducting a reflection and learning process will help your agency better understand and improve its capacity building services. 
Our capacity building assessment process has already been very helpful to us. As a result of our process we refined our definition and purpose of capacity building and built more collaboration across our different divisions. For example, we developed a common mechanism with shared questions to register attendants at our public events (including but not limited to capacity building events) using a shared Eventbrite account; a common survey for post-event feedback from participants using a shared SurveyMonkey account; and a plan for quarterly reporting on data collected through these two mechanisms.


Step One

Establish assessment purpose and common definitions​

Step Two

Evaluate the impact of your capacity building​

Step Three

Calculate resources spent on capacity building