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LACAC Volunteers Report

Salaries, Benefits and Volunteers in Nonprofit Arts Organizations in LA County

October 14, 2016 Arts Ecology, For Data Geeks
This series of reports analyzes data reported by arts nonprofits in LA County to DataArts (formerly the Cultural Data Project). They explore how much is being paid on salaries and benefits, how many hours of time is volunteered, and they provide recommendations to how arts nonprofits can improve in these areas.

Public Engagement in the Arts: A Review of Recent Literature

Recent research has found that across the US, arts audiences are declining, while arts participation is on the rise. How can both be true at the same time? This review of the literature on Public Engagement in the Arts explores this question.

Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative: Literature Review

This literature review provides background information on how others have addressed how to improve diversity, cultural equity, and inclusion in the arts and culture sector, with a particular focus on boards of directors, the arts and culture workforce, audiences and programming, and culturally specific arts organizations. 
Volunteers in Arts Nonprofits in LA County

Volunteers in Arts Nonprofits in LA County

November 01, 2015 Arts Ecology, Publications
In 2012, 35,076 volunteers worked nearly six million hours at 386 nonprofit arts organizations in LA County. This report explores the role of volunteers in arts nonprofits. 
Stability. Experimentation. Growth.

Stability. Experimentation. Growth: LA County’s Organizational Grant Program in 2014

August 15, 2015
In 2015, Arts and Culture analyzed data from 2014 reports written and submitted by grantees of the Organizational Grant Program, to identify trends in the field and to improve the program.

Creative Work: How arts education promotes career opportunities beyond the arts

April 15, 2015 Arts Ecology
In 2013, 198,110 people in LA County were employed in 79 creative occupations. Half of those jobs did not require a bachelor’s degree. What kinds of careers are available, how well do they pay, and what training is required? 
We Are In This Together

We Are In This Together: A survey of community arts partners in LA County Public Schools

March 18, 2015 Arts Education
In 2013, the Arts Ed Collective + Arts and Culture administered a survey to arts organizations and teaching artists across the County, to find out who provided arts education services to LA County's 2,198 public schools.
Benefits Report

Benefits in Arts Nonprofits in LA County

January 15, 2015 Funding
This study found that arts nonprofits in LA County may be more likely than employers in other sectors to provide health benefits to their employees.