The Arts Commission and the LA County Department of Mental Health seek artist(s) as Creative Strategist(s). This creative strategist will provide community building activities and messaging around mental health issues that encourage dialogue and action.

Project Focus

Building upon the successful engagement of the We Rise campaign, a youth focused mental health and well-being campaign thattook place through 10 days of pop-up art, music, and programming, the Creative Strategist will work on the new, Why We Rise campaign

The Creative Strategist will embed in the Strategic Communications department to help design a creative engagement strategy with an emphasis on making difficult issues more relatable and easier to discuss. This will include creating and implementing a strategy directly with clients at the Department of Mental Health Resource and Wellness Centers located throughout the County. The artist will also work on engagement through a holistic approach in tandem with the Strategic Communications team, who will manage the social media and communications aspects of the campaign. The Department of Mental Health sees the Creative Strategist as playing a vital role in transforming the department’s core mission of delivering services and resources to those most in need.

The critical months of engagement that require artist participation include the We Rise Campaign in May, and suicide prevention month in September. Creative Strategist participation is mandatory and will range between 15-30 hours a week during these months.

How to Apply

All applications must be uploaded to Call for Entries (CaFE) no later than February 28, 2019 | 11:59PM Mountain Time (or 10:59PM PST).

NOTE: Any application materials received after the specified date and time will be rejected and considered non-responsive.

Application Requirements

All applicants must submit:

  1. A Resume including name, mailing address, phone number(s), email, and web page (if applicable). NOTE: Artist Resume should not exceed three pages.
  2. A combination of up to ten images or video clips of artistic work:
    • Submit digital images in PC compatible .JPEGs with a pixel resolution no larger than 1920X1920. NOTE: do not zip or stuff your files. Maximum file size for each image should be no larger than 2MB.
    • Title each image with the artist’s name and a number which corresponds to the annotated image list—for example: 01JaneJones.jpg or 02JaneJones.jpg.
    • Do not insert multiple photos into one image.
    • Optional: Artists may submit up to two videos of relevant past work with a length of up to one minute each and/or up to two publications documenting past work. Please note however, that only ten examples are allowed, so anything that exceeds this amount will not be reviewed.
  3. An annotated image list that includes:
    • The title, date, and location of artwork
    • A very brief project description (250 words max)
    • The medium and dimensions
    • Project budget
    • The commissioning agency or client, and project manager (if applicable)
  4. Two letters of recommendation specifically addressing the strengths and outcomes of artist work.
  5. A letter of interest addressing the following (NOTE: include, where possible, examples of where you have done the kind of work you are describing):

    Only letters that specifically address all questions will be considered

    Creative Strategist Artist-In-Residence General Questions
    1. Why are you interested in an Artist in Residence in County government?
    2. What is your experience with engaging or organizing community members in creative and collaborative processes?
    3. What are your ideas about the role of art in society/How can art help bridge conversations between generations and cultural backgrounds?
    Mental Health
    1. How do you believe art can play a role in an individual’s sense of purpose and well-being?
    2. How do you see art playing a role in building communities?
    3. Describe how you intend to approach the scope of work and goals of this Creative Strategist Artist-In-Residence
    4. What is your availability the months of May and September?

About the Department of Mental Health

The mission of the Department of Mental Health is to optimize the hope, well-being, and life trajectory of Los Angeles County’s most vulnerable through access to care and resources that promote not only independence and personal recovery, but also connectedness and community reintegration. The Department of Mental Health (DMH) is the largest county-operated mental health department in the United States and operates programs in more than 85 sites. On average, more than 250,000 County residents of all ages are served every year.

Have Questions?

Contact Pauline Kanako Kamiyama, Deputy Director of Civic Art and Acting Cross-Sector Manager/Creative Strategist Initiative at 213-202-5920 or

For additional information about the Civic Art Program, please visit the Civic Art Program online at