(Above) The Organic Infrastructure of a Living Community by artist Geoff McFetridge.

The Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture’s Civic Art Division (Arts and Culture) seeks professional conservators, independent or collaborative, and firms for a Prequalified Art Conservators Resource List (Resource List) to provide maintenance and conservation services for artworks in the Los Angeles County Civic Art Collection.

This Request for Qualifications will establish a Resource List that will be used to invite selected art conservators to bid on specific conservation projects on an as-needed basis. The Resource List will consist of art conservators who exhibit a diverse range of experience within their trade and conservators who are able to manage projects within a large range of budgets, project types, and constituencies.

The Resource List will remain active for three years with an option to renew for another three years. The term of service is expected to begin March 1, 2020 and shall conclude in December 2023.

Civic Art Collection

LA County’s Civic Art Collection is comprised of over 400 contemporary and historic permanent public artworks located across County-owned property, and which were acquired through art purchases, donations, and original commissions.

Arts and Culture is proud to be charged with the responsibility of carefully documenting, preserving, and conserving these artifacts in order to help sustain the region’s rich heritage for future generations to enjoy.

Scope of Work

  • Advise on material selection and fabrication of newly commissioned artworks
  • Develop maintenance and preservation plans for artworks
  • Examination and documentation of artworks
  • Prepare treatment proposals and cost estimates for conservation treatment
  • Perform basic maintenance
  • Perform conservation treatment
  • Perform emergency stabilization or repair to ensure safety until full conservation assessment and treatment may be performed
  • Disaster response when an artwork is threatened by a natural or man-made disaster
  • Conservation education programming and lectures may be requested for select projects

Artwork Mediums

Metal | Wood | Plant Material | Tile/Ceramic | Concrete/Masonry | Stone | Glass | Paper/photography | Paint | Textile/fiber art | Plastic/Fiberglass | Digital media


This Request for Qualifications is open to applicants residing in Southern California, including the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, Ventura, and Santa Barbara. A Master’s degree from a recognized training program in conservation or equivalent experience is required. Prior experience working with a municipality or public agency is desired.


A selection panel will review all applications received in response to this Request for Qualifications and select conservators for the 2020-2023 Resource List of Prequalified Art Conservators. Successful applicants will be chosen based upon, but not limited to:

  • Demonstrated experience in the outlined scope of work
  • Professional training/degree
  • Past work examples that conform to the standards established by the American Institute for Conservation (AIC)
  • Material specialty and scope/range of past work
  • Professionalism and thoroughness of application materials
  • Record of success with other public agencies and/or private clients

To Apply

Complete applications shall be delivered via Dropbox by January 15, 2020 | 5PM (PST). Submissions preferably include the following items as a single PDF document (otherwise individual PDFs). Send the link to Lvellanoweth@arts.lacounty.gov. Incomplete applications and applications submitted after the deadline will be deemed ineligible and will not be considered.

A complete application must include:

  1. Contract name for conservator including full name and firm name (if applicable), physical address, mailing address, telephone number, and email address. Teams and firms must list all members/staff and have one primary contact person.
  2. Letter of interest (no more than two pages) indicating your interest, experience, and area(s) of specialization.
  3. Curriculum Vitae for conservator and for all team members and/or staff if applying as a team or firm. CVs should include pertinent experience, education, training, and professional conservation organization affiliations.
  4. Fee schedule: standard hourly rates for conservator and team members/staff (if applicable).
  5. Past work examples: list three conservation project work samples within the last three years. Include basic information of the artwork (artist, date of fabrication, dimensions, material), brief treatment summary, and overall budget. The projects should reflect work from each of the areas of specialization in which you would like to be considered.
  6. Images: provide up to ten before and after images of each of the three past conservation project work samples. All image files should be titled and labeled with artwork title and year of conservation.
  7. Sample conservation report: provide one sample of a conservation report for each specialty you would like to be considered. The report should include the treatment proposal with estimated cost and final treatment report with final budget, and select images representing before and after treatment.

Additional Information

  • For questions regarding the 2020-2023 Prequalified Art Conservator Resource List RFQ, please contact Laleña Vellanoweth, Civic Art Conservation and Collections Manager at 213.315.9971 or Lvellanoweth@arts.lacounty.gov.
  • For additional information about the Civic Art Division, please visit online at LACountyArts.org/civic-art
  • Arts and Culture is committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. Any conservator that includes access and mentorship for underrepresented conservators and emerging conservators in their work plan is welcome.
  • If applicants are applying as a team or firm, the team members or firm staff must be declared at the time of application in the letter of interest.
  • Conservators are expected to have standard equipment, materials, and supplies necessary to perform work at their disposal. Special equipment or materials required for the performance of the contract must be handled by the conservator.
  • While every effort will be made to carefully handle applications, Arts and Culture cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged materials.
  • Arts and Culture reserves the right to accept or reject any and all responses received, or contract with a conservator through another process.
  • All applicants who submit their materials for review will receive written notification of the results of the selections process, including the identification of the selected conservators.
  • This RFQ does not constitute an offer to contract or a promise for remuneration, recognition, or any other thing. Submission of any materials in response to this request for qualifications will not constitute an express or implied contract. The information contained and/or any program or event described herein may be changed, amended, modified, canceled, revoked, or abandoned without notice at any time and for any reason in the sole discretion of Arts and Culture or the County of Los Angeles.
  • Once selected, prequalified conservators will be eligible to develop proposals as conservation projects are initiated by Arts and Culture. Upon receiving a conservation project, each conservator will be required to enter into a contract with the County of Los Angeles.
  • Selected prequalified conservators will be required to have commercial general liability insurance, automobile insurance, and be a registered vendor with the County of Los Angeles.


The Organic Infrastructure of a Living Community by Geoff McFetridge

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