The LA County Arts Commission Civic Art Program seeks artist(s) or artist team(s) to create artwork for the Vermont Corridor Building, a new facility for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.

Artwork Goals

Civic Art is an essential element of the project visioning and design implementation throughout the new Vermont Corridor building.

The artwork design for the terrace level will reshape the main common space, where offices, meeting rooms and recreational areas coexist. The terrace level bridges the parking structure to the main building. This is the nexus point of arrival for the facility’s staff and 90% of the visitors to the building.

The artwork design for the ground level entrance from Vermont Street will be integral element of a community space already equipped with tables and chairs, a small reception area and adjacent rooms for some support services. Homeless population may heavily utilize this area. To encourage the utilization of the space, the artist(s) should create a safe and restorative environment, a welcoming harbor made of durable, resilient and maintainable materials.


This commission is open to all professional artists residing or working in the United States. In an effort to grow a diverse collection, artists who have artwork in the Los Angeles County’s Civic Art Collection will not be eligible unless this project has a higher budget than the previously commissioned project.

Site Details

Project Duration

This project is anticipated to have a two year design and construction schedule.

Application Deadline

Applications are due Monday, June 4, 2018.

Technical Assistance Workshop—May 7,2018


Download a pdf of resources shared at the Vermont Corridor RFQ Workshop. Learn about the Vermont Corridor building and the application process for the Los Angeles County Arts Commission Civic Art program.