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Brazilian Music


Quintet (5)


Katia Moraes


7-string guitar, Mandolin/violin, Percussion/drums, Flute, Lead Vocals

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The Kátia Moraes & Brazilian Hearts band includes Kátia Moraes on lead vocals, Nando Duarte on 7-string guitar, Ted Falcon on mandolin/violin, Clarice Cast on percussion/drums, and Fay Roberts on the flute. Their repertoire includes sambas , choros, and popular Brazilian classics from 1917 to the present day. “…And Moraes' singing, as always, was a virtual definition of the passion that is an implicit part of Brazilian music,"—Los Angeles Times. “Brazilian music has a special place in the heart of Kátia Moraes. It is her way of infusing the light, color, and sounds of her native land into our culture in the United States…Katia’s lyrics are in Portuguese, but with her gift as a storyteller, the audience is invited to gaze through an imaginary window revealing snippets of life in Brazil.”—Janice Wise, Director of Community Relations, Art Trek Inc.


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