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Maria de la Vega de la Vega


Percussion, Stand up Bass, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet/Trombone, Vocals

PA System

Indoors & Outdoors


Bringing the party to community concerts and celebrations of all varieties, Maria De la Vega and the Wayward Five add elegance, festivity, and sultry charm to every occasion. Fronted by dynamic female jazz vocalist Maria de la Vega and carried by a cast of professional musicians with decades of experience, Maria De la Vega and the Wayward Five is an unforgettable jazz and blues experience for every listener. They specialize in blending their unique flavors with the classic music of the Golden Era, including intermingled notes of Latin and straight jazz. The Wayward Five’s repetoire includes classic tunes by Ella Fitzgerald, Chet Baker, and many other jazz greats as well as a growing repertoire of jazz originals. Their music appeals to jazz and blues enthusiasts as well as the casual listener alike. Their long-awaited debut album (Here's to Life) was released in 2018.