(Above) "New Directions" by Olalekan Jeyifous.

The Department of Arts and Culture seeks qualifications from Graphic Designers to establish a diverse Prequalified List of individuals and/or companies with a wide variety of experience to provide graphic design services on an as-needed basis in the following seven (7) categories: Publication and Layout Services; Digital Layouts; Static and/or Animated Digital Graphics; Digital Illustration; Infographic and Data Visualization; Print Design; Branding.

The Prequalified List will remain active for three (3) years with an option to extend the list for up to three additional one-year terms.

Design Services Categories

  1. Publication layouts (reports, booklets, zines, resource guides)
  2. Digital layouts (email templates, presentations, websites, and social media)
  3. Static and/or animated digital graphics
  4. Digital illustration
  5. Infographic and data visualization
  6. Print design (promotional posters, flyers, postcards, invitations, and brochures)
  7. Branding


Graphic Design RFQ

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Graphic Design RFSQ

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Application deadline for first consideration*: May 13, 2021 | 11:59PM PST

*Applications received after May 13, 2021 will be considered for subsequent annual reviews.


Detail of Water or Sky by Margaret Lazzari

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