Prequalified Civic Artists


LA County Department of Arts and Culture's Civic Art Program staff has renewed the Civic Artists Prequalified List for 2014-16. This list is referenced to select artists for upcoming art opportunities from 2014 through 2016. Project budgets range in size from $75,000 up to $1,000,000. We seek artists whose work and practice align with the principles that guide the Civic Art Program to create timeless artworks:

  • aesthetic and technical quality
  • innovation
  • site-specificity
  • civic engagement and
  • the ability to transform a space and the user experience

The LA County Department of Arts and Culture's Civic Art program manages a diverse range of public art projects across the 4,000 square miles and 88 municipalities of Los Angeles County. Since the inception of the Civic Art Policy in 2004, nearly 106 projects have been created in County facilities, including libraries, fire stations, parks, and health facilities.  For additional information about the Civic Art Program, please visit the Civic Art Program.

These projects are managed in coordination with County departments who are dedicated to facilitating innovative projects that add meaning and beauty to County facilities and deepen the pride of communities surrounding and served by the project areas. The LA County Department of Arts and Culture anticipates approximately 15 new civic art projects will be initiated each year.


Civic Artists Pre-Qualified List BENEFITS include:

  • SUPPORT: featured individual artist profile on Civic Art Program Web site
  • EXPOSURE: referenced by reputable public art programs for curatorial research
  • PUBLISHED: featured in an online publication by the LA County Department of Arts and Culture
  • PROMOTION: announcement in Public Art Review, a national magazine
  • SHORTLISTED: sourced by Civic Art Program to select artist for public art opportunities

The LA County Department of Arts and Culture promoted this list in the Spring/Summer 2014 issue of Public Art Review magazine, across public art networks, social media and in an online and printed catalog.

In addition, the Civic Artists Prequalified List will be used as a resource for curatorial research by reputable public art programs such as:

Broward County Public Art & Design

City of Pasadena Arts and Cultural Affairs Division Public Art Program 

City of Raleigh, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources Department, Public Art Program 

San Francisco Arts Commission 

San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs’ Public Art Program 

Scottsdale Public Art

Regional Arts and Culture Council Public Art Program, Portland, OR

Please note to be considered for public art opportunities with agencies outside the LA County Department of Arts and Culture you will need to apply to calls within those agencies.