Prequalified Civic Artists

This call is open to professional emerging and established artists and artist teams residing in Los Angeles County. If artists are applying to the Civic Artists Prequalified List as a team, the team must be declared at the time of application in the letter of interest and remain a team throughout the duration of the Civic Artists Prequalified List.

  • Emerging public artists are artists who have a strong studio practice and demonstrate evidence of professional achievement but may have limited experience in the public art field. The emerging public artist has limited exposure to working collaboratively with civic government entities and processes. Previous public artwork would include both temporary and permanent artwork for public and private commissions.
  • Established public artists are artists who have demonstrated experience working with projects over $100,000, and government, communities, architects and/or other design professionals in the design, fabrication and installation of permanent public art projects. Established public artists also demonstrate an advanced competency in project management, and have a proven track record of delivering projects on time and within budget.

Artists whose works falls into any or more of the following categories are encouraged to apply: sculpture, tile, works on paper, design team collaboration, light/sound, functional, painting, glass, kinetic, green/sustainable art, digital media, fiber arts and performance. Artists working in temporary public art or public engagement are encouraged to apply.

  • Temporary public art can range in scope and take the form of temporary 2D or 3D art work, time-based sculpture, performance, interventions or public programming initiatives in cooperation with other County departments. Projects can be experienced from one day up to five years. Temporary public art projects usually include a public engagement component that is initiated during the project development process and/or is the final artwork.
  • Public engagement and social practice fosters meaningful interactions and experiences for residents and visitors. High quality public engagement is a reciprocal exchange that enriches and informs community members, the artist, artwork content or aspects of civic planning processes. The Civic Art Program seeks artists working in the realm of public engagement and social practice who have experience in applying innovative engagement strategies across diverse communities.