(Above) Photo Courtesy of OGP Grantee ATE 9 Dance Company.

Arts and Culture requires advanced statistical analysis support for the Organizational Grant Program (OGP) grantmaking process. OGP provides grants to over 400 nonprofit arts organizations each year, providing financial support for concerts, theater and dance productions, exhibitions, in-school and out-of-school arts education, and core operations. Arts and Culture requires statistical and data analysis support to improve its process for allocating grant funds.

Arts and Culture requests proposals from qualified individuals or firms to:

  1. Meet with Arts and Culture’s Grants staff to gather initial information about the project and requirements (data and documents required to complete the task will be provided by Arts and Culture staff to ensure the consultant and Arts and Culture have a shared understanding of the purpose, goals, process, and anticipated outcomes);
  2. Review the methods by which OGP grant allocations have been calculated and awarded for the past 5 years, and;
  3. Recommend updated methods and calculations that Grants staff can use for grant allocations with a focus on supporting the sustainability and growth of small and mid-size grantees. Consultant will also provide examples and allocation scenarios for staff as needed to implement the recommendations.

This contract is expected to begin early 2020 and preliminary recommendations regarding grant allocation processes will be due in April 2020.

Project Tasks and Deliverables

Consultant shall

  1. Meet with Arts and Culture by February 7, 2020 to plan and develop the OGP data analysis process and requirements.
  2. Submit written recommendations for how Arts and Culture staff can improve OGP grant allocation processes to align with the proposed goals and anticipated outcomes by April 15, 2020.
  3. Submit written recommendations on how the current allocations funding formula can be updated to better address funding goals by April 15, 2020.
  4. Submit new code that can be incorporated into the online Arts and Culture grant calculator that applicants use to calculate the grant award they are eligible to apply for.


Not to exceed $10,000.


The ideal consultant(s), which may be a firm or team, will have

  • Demonstrated experience developing and implementing high-quality mathematical and statistical analysis projects;
  • Working knowledge of HTML and/or Java adequate to update existing grant calculator HTML code;
  • Expertise as relates to issues of diversity, cultural equity, and inclusion within the nonprofit sector (required) and the arts (preferred);
  • Capacity to complete the tasks described in this RFP for Arts and Culture within the time frame provided;
  • Track record of client collaboration and clear communication;
  • Commitment to providing exceptional customer service and responding to requests in a timely manner.


The Organizational Grant Program provides Los Angeles County nonprofit arts organizations funding to address priority needs and ensures cultural services for the diverse communities that comprise LA County. These two-year grants support arts organizations whose services positively impact residents, neighborhoods and communities by providing direct access and increased opportunities for quality arts activities and programming that is often free or low cost.

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Selection Criteria

Proposals will be judged on the relevancy of the principals’ qualifications and experience, quality of the proposed approach, ability to commit to the timeline, and cost efficiency.

Selection Process

Proposals will be reviewed by staff from Arts and Culture.

To Apply

Please submit all of the following items to REscobar@arts.lacounty.gov by Wednesday, December 18, 2019 | 5PM (PST):

  • A proposal (up to three pages) that describes how you will meet all deliverables
  • Proposed schedule and overall timeline
  • A budget that shows all costs associated with the performance of the required services
  • At least three relevant work samples that demonstrate how you meet the eligibility requirements (this may include links to online work samples)

Apply Now

Any materials received after the date and time specified above may be rejected and considered non-responsive.

If you have questions, please email them to Rosalyn Escobar, REescobar@arts.lacounty.gov no later than Wednesday, December 4. An FAQ with responses will be posted on Arts and Culture's website no later than Wednesday, December 11.

Additional Information

  • The current awards allocation formula is available for potential applicants to review.
  • Late proposals may not be considered.
  • Arts and Culture reserves the right to accept or reject any and all responses received, or hire a vendor through another process.
  • This request for proposals does not constitute an offer to contract or a promise for remuneration, recognition, or any other thing. Submission of any materials in response to this request for proposals will not constitute an express or implied contract. The information contained and/or any program or event described herein may be changed, amended, modified, canceled, revoked or abandoned without notice at any time and for any reason at the sole discretion of Arts and Culture or the County of Los Angeles.
  • If the consultant’s proposal is selected, the consultant will be required to register as an LA County vendor and enter into a contract with the County of Los Angeles.



ATE 9 Dance Company

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