Executive Team

Leticia Buckley

Leticia Rhi Buckley

Director of Communications
Leticia Rhi Buckley is the Director of Communications for the Los Angeles County Arts Commission. Ms. Buckley spearheaded a countywide initiative to improve equity and inclusion within L.A. County arts and culture organizations, and is currently guiding the implementation of recommendations developed as part of the initiative. She joined the Arts Commission in 2012, executing a strategic and integrated approach to communications, and developing consistent internal and external policies, standards and messaging. Under her leadership, the Arts Commission rebranded the Ford Theatres and the Arts Education Collective, launched three websites, developed an organization-changing Content Relationship Management system, and transitioned the County's robust cultural calendar to Discover Los Angeles. She is a fellow of the Leadership L.A. program and serves on the L.A. Tourism Marketing Committee. Ms. Buckley received her B.A. in political science from Loyola Marymount University.


Anji Gaspar-Milanovic

Director of Grants and Professional Development
Anji Gaspar-Milanovic oversees the Organizational Grant Program, Community Impact Arts Grant Program, Arts Internship Program, professional development, special initiatives designed to increase the capacity of the arts sector and connecting regional arts funders. Prior to joining the Arts Commission in 2007, Ms. Gaspar-Milanovic worked in development at Saint Joseph Ballet and held several positions at the American Red Cross of Orange County, including Public Relations Specialist, Bilingual Public Information Officer and Disaster Services Caseworker. Fluent in several languages, she received a B.A. in Latin American Studies and French Literature from Lake Forest College and attended Vanderbilt University’s graduate program in Latin American Studies.


Grace Ramierez-GastonGrace Ramirez-Gaston

Director of Civic Art
Grace Ramirez Gaston is responsible for planning, developing and implementing what is becoming one of the largest public art programs in the country, with over 40 active projects, ranging in size from $10,000 to $1 million. The Civic Art Program, which began in 2005, allocates 1% of county capital projects for public art. The Director of Civic Art develops and articulates a broad vision for the program and oversees a team of project managers, a collections manager, a registrar and a program coordinator. A graduate of Rowan University with a degree in fine arts, Ms. Ramirez Gaston was the Deputy Director and Program Manager for the New York City School Construction Authority, Public Art for Public Schools Program.


Denise Grande

Director of Arts Education
Denise oversees the Los Angeles County Arts Education Collective (formerly Arts for All), developing strategies for bringing about systemic change in school districts in Los Angeles County to implement quality K-12 arts education. She represents the Arts Ed Collective locally, statewide and nationally, and spearheads regional efforts to advance arts education for LA County’s 1.5 million students. Prior to the Arts Commission, Denise was Director of Programs and Strategic Partnership for the Metropolitan Opera Guild at Lincoln Center in New York. During her 20 years at The Music Center - Performing Arts Center of Los Angeles County she played a leadership role in program design, implementation, research and evaluation. Denise received her BA from UCLA in dance and was a Coro Fellow through the California Arts Council’s Arts Leadership Fellow Program.


Bronwyn Mauldin

Director of Research and Evaluation
Bronwyn Mauldin oversees a Research and Evaluation team that utilizes data and social science methods to improve the Arts Commission’s work and strengthen the arts ecology. Ms. Mauldin has spent her career conducting applied research and evaluation for nonprofits, philanthropies and government. She also teaches research methods to graduate students in the arts administration program at Claremont Graduate University. Prior to coming to LACAC, Ms. Mauldin evaluated farmworker programs in California’s Central Valley, studied employment conditions for truck drivers in the Pacific Northwest, analyzed apprenticeship opportunities in the healthcare industry, served as a nonpartisan policy analyst in the Washington State House of Representatives and researched villager organizing in rural northeast Thailand. Ms. Mauldin has a master’s in public administration from the University of Washington. She is also a novelist.



Miriam Gonzalez

Executive Assistant


Vickie Del Haro

Front Desk/Receptionist


Brandon Turner

Administrative Services Manager


Michael Pistone

Information Technology Manager


John Johnson

Communications Coordinator


Shannita Williams

Digital Media Coordinator

Research & Evaluation

Matthew Agustin

Arts Education Research Associate


Susannah Laramee Kidd

Research Analyst | Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow



Monica Bueno

Grants and Professional Development Assistant


Rosalyn Escobar

Grants Manager


Talia Gibas

Professional Development Programs Manager


Laura Guerrero-Nieto

Grants Associate


Civic Art

Mayen Alcantara

Civic Art Senior Project Manager

Ottavia Crucitti

Civic Art Program Assistant

Clare Haggarty

Deputy Director of Collections

Pauline Kanako Kamiyama

Deputy Director of Civic Art

Caroline Kerrigan Lerch

Civic Art Project Manager

Neelima Narayanan

Civic Art Registrar

Iris Anna Regn

Civic Art Project Manager

Lida Venieri

Civic Art Finance and Operations Manager

Arts Education

Gregg Johnson

Arts Education Program Manager


Megan Kirkpatrick

Arts Education Senior Manager


Gillian McCarthy

Arts Education Program Manager


Rachel Mendoza

Arts Education Assistant


Keelia Postlethwaite

Arts Education Program Associate



Abe Ahn

Development Coordinator


Thomas McKenzie

Arts Education Development Manager