Benefits in Arts Nonprofits in LA County

This study found that arts nonprofits in LA County may be more likely than employers in other sectors to provide health benefits to their employees. The data analyzed here show that 53% of LA County arts nonprofits with fewer than 50 employees pay some portion of their employees’ health care, compared to 39% of all small employers in California and 35% of all small employers nationally. In 2011, 190 nonprofit arts organizations in LA County spent $266.6 million in salaries and more than $63.3 million in benefits for their 4,650 employees.

Arts and Culture hosted an Employee Retirement Benefits Forum featuring Jan Masaoka, CEO, California Association of Nonprofits, a leading writer and thought leader on nonprofit organizations. The forum also had a panel discussion with arts nonprofit leaders who talked about how they are able to provide retirement benefits to their employees.

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