County Vendor Information and Resources

Need to register as a vendor with the County of Los Angeles? Grantees, civic artists, consultants, and other contracted organizations and individuals must obtain an official vendor number in order to enter into an agreement and conduct business with the Department of Arts and Culture.

  1. Navigate to the County Vendor Registration page (
  2. click on New Registration.
  3. Enter your personal Social Security Number
  4. Fill our your information and submit
    • Enter 1 for State Tax Permit Number if you are applying as an individual vendor
    • Enter no for Non Profit status (if you are not a non profit)
    • Enter yes for 1099 as the County will send this to you for tax purposes at the end of the year
    • Enter 1 for employee (yourself)
    • Enter no for Incorporated State if you are not an incorporated company

The County will send you an email within 5 days of registration with your new Vendor Number.

Want Assistance?

Contact the County at (323) 267-2725 or (323) 267-2729.

Electronic Funds Transfer

Electronic Funds Transfer (Part 1): VSS Access

Instruction on how to request VSS (Vendor Self Service) access. VSS allows the user to update Vendor info, track invoices, and request direct deposit.

Electronic Funds Transfer (Part 2): Direct Deposit Form

Sign up to receive payment through direct deposit.

NOTE: You must have VSS Access to sign up for direct deposit.

Direct Deposit - Instructions for Enrollment

Instruction for enrolling to receive payments from the County via direct deposit.