This study analyzes the demographics of the arts and cultural workforce in Los Angeles County – specifically, staff members, board, volunteers, and independent contractors associated with 386 cultural nonprofits, most of which receive funding from LACAC and/or seven other municipal funders in the County. The findings presented in this report are based on 3,307 unique responses to the DataArts Workforce Demographics survey, conducted from May 2016 through July 2016. Among the key findings: 

  • The arts and cultural workforce is significantly more homogenous than Los Angeles County’s population 
  • Community organizations are the most racially and ethnically diverse, and also have the largest share of Hispanic/Latino(a) workers. 
  • Mid-size organizations – those with annual budgets between $500,000 and $10 million – are more diverse in terms of race and ethnicity compared to both larger and smaller organizations 
  • The Los Angeles County arts and cultural workforce is slightly older when compared to the age of LA County’s population as a whole

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