Demographics of the Arts and Culture Workforce in LA County - Update

(above) Vigor Vortex by the de la Torre Brothers at the Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center.

Demographics of the Arts and Culture Workforce in Los Angles County: 2019 Update

This is the second study conducted by SMU DataArts for Arts and Culture, analyzing the demographics of the arts and cultural workforce in LA County—specifically, staff members, board, volunteers, and independent contractors associated with 167 arts nonprofits and public arts agencies. The findings presented in this report are based on 2,412 unique responses to the survey, conducted from February – May 2019. We invite you to also explore finding from the first survey conducted in 2016.

Among the key findings of the 2019 survey:

  • The arts and cultural workforce is more homogeneous than LA County’s population: 59% of the workforce is non-Hispanic White
  • Younger respondents in the workforce are more racially diverse than the older workforce
  • 78% of respondents identified their country of origin as the US, while 12% identified their country of origin as one of 62 different countries
  • The percent of the arts and culture workforce that reports having a disability closely matches the incidence of having a disability in the general population

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