Laura Zucker - #LZ25

You learn a lot over 25 years. Especially when you run one of the largest government arts agencies in the country. Starting today and over the next month, join us as we share 25 “Things I Learned” as an arts innovator and thought leader, from our very own Laura Zucker.



Hire people who know more than you do and then get out of their way. Your main job as a boss is to remove obstacles from the path of others.



There is no debate between arts for art's sake and arts for a social purpose. All art has value.




An initiative that helps one segment of the arts ecology will end up helping everyone. In LA, all boats rise.




In times of economic contraction, PLAN! When resources are available again, you'll be ready.




The more specific an artwork is, somehow the more generally applicable it is.




We all build on the great work of others, so honor those who got you where you are.




Words to live by: There's no limit to what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit.




When it comes to making art, messy is OK. You know what they say - bad dress rehearsal, great performance.




A lot of people say that timing is everything, but really, communication is everything (and lighting is important, too!)




When in doubt, listen to your inner voice. It usually keeps you from doing something you wish you hadn't!




It's the body of your work that counts. Everyone has individual projects that don't pan out. If more than 3 out of 10 turn out well you're doing better than a major league hitter.




We started working on a civic art policy for LA County in 1998 and it took six years to get it approved. Good ideas are self evident. It just might take others a little longer to recognize them.