The Arts Commission, the LA County Department of Public Health, and the Office of Violence Prevention seek artist(s) as Creative Strategist(s). This creative strategist will be a thought partner in the creation of the Office of Violence Prevention and help to create an environment that fosters innovative ideas and open dialogue about violence prevention.

Project Focus

In response to the high rates of violence in LA County, the Department of Public Health (DPH), at the request of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, established an Office of Violence Prevention (OVP) to help coordinate violence and trauma prevention efforts countywide. The office plans to use data, input from stakeholders, and strategic planning to inform its activities and priorities.

The OVP will facilitate capacity building and engagement of residents in communities impacted by crime and violence. The creative strategist will play a key role in helping the OVP to create an environment that fosters innovative ideas and dialogue on trauma and violence prevention. The creative strategist will also work to increase access to the arts, affect social change through innovative practices, and use creative techniques to increase stakeholder engagement and participation. This engagement will happen with community-based organizations and sister County department/programs to encourage staff to consider art as a critical component in their strategic planning and service delivery models. The work of the creative strategist will also involve cultural research to inform the OVP efforts as the Office seeks to build its approaches and programming around the assets, diversity, creativity, and complexity of the communities it serves.

How to Apply

All applications must be uploaded to Call for Entries (CaFE) no later than February 28, 2019 | 11:59PM Mountain Time (or 10:59PM PST).

NOTE: Any application materials received after the specified date and time will be rejected and considered non-responsive.

Application Requirements

All applicants must submit:

  1. A Resume including name, mailing address, phone number(s), email, and web page (if applicable). NOTE: Artist Resume should not exceed three pages.
  2. A combination of up to ten images or video clips of artistic work:
    • Submit digital images in PC compatible .JPEGs with a pixel resolution no larger than 1920X1920. NOTE: do not zip or stuff your files. Maximum file size for each image should be no larger than 2MB.
    • Title each image with the artist’s name and a number which corresponds to the annotated image list—for example: 01JaneJones.jpg or 02JaneJones.jpg.
    • Do not insert multiple photos into one image.
    • Optional: Artists may submit up to two videos of relevant past work with a length of up to one minute each and/or up to two publications documenting past work. Please note however, that only ten examples are allowed, so anything that exceeds this amount will not be reviewed.
  3. An annotated image list that includes:
    • The title, date, and location of artwork
    • A very brief project description (250 words max)
    • The medium and dimensions
    • Project budget
    • The commissioning agency or client, and project manager (if applicable)
  4. Two letters of recommendation specifically addressing the strengths and outcomes of artist work.
  5. A letter of interest addressing the following (NOTE: include, where possible, examples of where you have done the kind of work you are describing):

    Only letters that specifically address all questions will be considered

    Creative Strategist Artist-In-Residence General Questions
    1. Why are you interested in an Artist in Residence in County government?
    2. What is your experience with engaging or organizing community members in creative and collaborative processes?
    3. What are your ideas about the role of art in society/How can art help bridge conversations between generations and cultural backgrounds?
    Public Health
    1. How can art help to promote safety, healing, and well-being in communities with high levels of violence?
    2. Describe how you ensure that your arts practice is culturally relevant, inclusive, and community centered?
    3. Describe how you intend to approach the scope of work and goals of this Creative Strategist Artist-In-Residence.
    4. What is your availability during the first week of April?

About the Department of Public Health

The LA County Department of Public Health works to protect and improve health and well-being for over 10 million residents. One of the Department’s top priorities is to advance health equity. Research has increasingly shown that social and economic conditions contribute to approximately 40% of community health and longevity. Public Health is committed to reducing health disparities through collaborations with a wide-range of partners. The department strives to support policies, practices, and programs that lead to healthier environments. Public Health's mission is to protect health, prevent disease, and promote health and well-being for everyone in Los Angeles County. With 14 public health centers located throughout LA County, the department provides free and/or low-cost services to those with no insurance or regular health care provider, including immunizations and communicable disease testing and treatment.

Have Questions?

Contact Pauline Kanako Kamiyama, Deputy Director of Civic Art and Acting Cross-Sector Manager/Creative Strategist Initiative at 213-202-5920 or

For additional information about the Civic Art Program, please visit the Civic Art Program online at