This page will be periodically updated as new questions come in. 

If an organization wants to apply for both direct services and professional development, should there be two applications?

It’s not necessary to use two applications. Use one form to supply documentation for both types of activities.

If our office is not in Los Angeles County, but we deliver services there, can we qualify?

No, the location of your office must be in LA County.

I accidentally created two applications. Is that a problem?

No, just withdraw the blank application or leave one blank, and it will be discarded.

If my organization has never done in-school programming and does not center our work explicitly around the California Arts Standards, are we still eligible to apply?

Yes. We mention the California Arts Standards as a guide for how high quality, intentional, developmentally-appropriate arts instruction can look. While your curriculum does not have to be explicitly anchored in or designed around the California Arts Standards, we do recommend reviewing the standards, to see how your curriculum objectives align.

If I’ve been approved for the Arts and Culture Artist Directory, does that apply to this RFQ?

No. This round of RFQ submissions is only for organizations, not individual artists. We expect to broaden our criteria in future rounds.

Is it possible to submit documentation that our organization is in the process of receiving certification paperwork for the social preference program?

No, only completed certificates are accepted.

Our organization does not have a 501c3 tax exempt status, but we are associated with a fiscal sponsor. Do we qualify?

The criteria for this round of RFQ applications specifies that the organization must have had tax exempt status for at least three years, so we are not able to accept applications from organizations that do not have 501( c )3 status. Please join our mailing list to receive notifications of opportunities for small community-based organizations.

For the purposes of the application, what is considered the last three years?

Continuous from October 2016.

How should facilities associated with nonprofits such as Peace Over Violence or A Place Called Home be listed?

LA County Health and Trauma Care Facilities.

We have a vendor number and have applied for other Arts and Culture grants, but we do not have the login credentials from previous submissions. Should we start a new account?

Please email for assistance.

Will we receive an email confirmation?

Please email for assistance.