Arts Education Profile Report: 2015-17

The LA County Arts Education Profile survey was administered to all 2,277 public schools in LA County to learn about the quantity, quality and equity of arts education. We found that nearly every school offers at least some arts instruction, and most schools offer at least two disciplines. At the same time, we found troubling inequities that reflect disparities in the wider society. 

Some of our key findings include 

  • Grades 7-8 are the peak years for arts instruction, when all disciplines are offered in nearly every school 
  • In general, the quantity of arts instruction is higher in elementary grades, while the quality of instruction is higher in secondary grades 
  • Very few schools offer year-long arts instruction to all students 
  • Schools that have an above-average share of students of color, English learners or students enrolled in free and reduced price meals tend to have less arts education, and it is of lower quality. This appear to be more true in elementary than secondary grades. 
  • Nearly every school has at least one credentialed arts instructor (full or part time) teaching an arts discipline 

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