Los Angeles Daily News
By Sandra Barrera

Holiday Celebration 2016. Photo by Gennia Cui.

Leading up to the 57th Annual L.A. County Holiday Celebration, the Los Angeles Daily News reported on the history behind the celebratory event and what audiences can look forward to at the 2016 show. Host Brian White, JazzAntiqua Dance & Music Ensemble artistic director and choreographer Pat Taylor, and Citrus Singers director Douglas Austin gave their perspectives on what makes the Holiday Celebration something to look forward to for Angelenos.

If her JazzAntiqua Dance and Music Ensemble wasn't performing at it, Artistic Director and Choreographer Pat Taylor says she'd be at home watching the Holiday Celebration on television like she's done since childhood.

'It opens your eyes up to the diversity of culture that we have here in Los Angeles, and to come together to celebrate that -- I was saying to someone just the other day -- truly is a gift,' she says.

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