The Architect's Newspaper
By Mimi Zieger

Inverted Landscapes by Elena Manferdini

The Architect's Newspaper reported on the latest Civic Art Program public artwork, Inverted Landscapes by Elena Manferdini, at the Zev Yaroslavsky San Fernando Valley Family Support Center in Van Nuys. The piece addresses Elena Manferdini's process in creating the artwork as well as her conceptual inspiration behind the piece.

Manferdini has long been interested in the relationship between painting and space, and how technology might impact or resolve that classical problem. To create the imagery for Inverted Landscapes, she 3-D scanned natural elements: flower petals, butterflies, cherries, and then layered them into abstract, 'superflat' images. The pattern was then printed on two sides of a film that sandwiched within panes of Solarban E-resistant glass. As sunlight hits the glass, the colors reveal different opacities; some cast shadows on the floor while others turn luminous. Because the building is on track for a LEED Gold rating, the artwork needed to be performative. 'It had to prove itself as an architectural skin and comply with the architecture—it’s not simply art.'

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