Arts Ed Profile Teaser


The LA County Arts Ed Collective (formerly Arts for All) launched the Arts Education Profile, a research project designed to identify the quality, quantity and equitable distribution of arts education. This will be the most comprehensive snapshot of arts education in LA County to date. The Arts Ed Profile will:

  • Reveal the distribution of dance, music, theatre, visual and media arts instruction across grades, schools and districts
  • Supplement data reported in the California Arts Education Data Project
  • Provide a fresh roadmap for accomplishing the shared goal that all 1.5 million LA County public school students receive high quality arts instruction as part of a well-rounded public education

Findings will enable districts to make data-based decisions for advancing arts education. A robust analysis of Countywide data will also help guide the coordinated efforts of the Arts Ed Collective and its partners.


How is this different from the Arts Education Data Project?

The Arts Education Data Project was initiated by Create CA, the California Department of Education and the National Arts Education Data Project to analyze and report school-level data on arts education courses at middle and high school levels across the state. Picking up where that project leaves off, the Arts Ed Profile fills in the gaps by combining K-12 California Department of Education data with information about dance, music, theatre, visual and media arts taught across all grades. It also collects information about arts integration as well as contributions from teaching artists and other community arts partners.


How was the data collected?

Information was collected through online questionnaires completed by over 800 LA County superintendents and principals. Principals were asked to provide information about their school’s arts instruction, arts teachers, community arts partners and other school-level details, while superintendents were asked to report on whether there is a dedicated staff person who coordinates arts programming, strategies for building sequential arts instruction and other district-level details.


How do I access my school and district’s data?

Only schools and districts whose principal or superintendent completed the survey received data. Contact your local district arts lead or Arts Ed Liaison if you aren't sure who to contact.

This fall the Arts Ed Collective will share findings on the state of arts education Countywide. Along with the written report, an online platform is being created to provide access to information about arts education offerings at the school and district levels.


For more information, please contact:

Matt Agustin
Research Coordinator, Arts Education