Abby Aceves

About The Artwork

Corazón Valiente, 2022, Oil on panel

Corazón Valiente represents all of us who have left our countries to pursue a better future in the United States. In our hearts and spirits, we carry our families and cultures left behind. Our hearts are not fragile; they are brave and full of courage. Los Angeles is full of Corazones Valientes who have come from all over the world looking for more opportunities and to make a better living for themselves.

Xolos, 2022, Oil on panel

The Mexican Hairless dog Xoloitzcuintli, or Xolos, played a significant role in Pre-Columbian life. Its purpose was to guard humanity in life, and then guide them after death to reach Mictlan, the Underworld. Xolos were thought to have spiritual powers that kept bad spirits away.

Zenaida, 2022, Oil on panel

Zenaida is inspired by the artist’s great-grandmother Zenaida, a very strong and independent woman, known as a partera (midwife) and sobandera (bonesetter) for most of her life. Years after passing to the afterlife, people would still go look for her. The artist was fortunate to take care of her great-grandmother in the last years of her life and imagines she lives on in the memories of everyone she touched.