Andreina Giron

About The Artwork

City of Champs, 2022, Acrylic on canvas

The city of Inglewood is known for many historical achievements, including The Forum–the “modern-day Roman Coliseum building”–that was once home of the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Kings before both teams were moved to The Staples Center. Inglewood will always be known as the City of Champions, even though so much has changed over the years and our city is rapidly becoming the center of attention again. However, The Forum will always be remembered by its blue iconic color as the "Fabulous Forum," which is why I made this painting. To remember.

Old Home on Prairie, 2021, Acrylic on canvas

The Hollywood Park racetrack was a local institution for decades. One of the most important venues and home for legendary thoroughbreds, such as the famous Seabiscuit. It had been a known site for as long as I can remember with a beautiful track and lake in the center. Sadly, it became what felt like a ghost town, however I loved admiring the beautiful architecture during my daily commute. It closed its doors in 2013 and Sofi Stadium has quickly become one of the most loved stadiums. This painting was made to remember the beautiful colors and structure of Hollywood Park.