David Hernández

About The Artwork

Founding I (Who do We Forget When We Remember?), 2023, Charcoal, digital

Founding II (Pobladores), 2023, Charcoal, digital

Part of a series of works exploring the history of Los Angeles’ founding using the monuments and markers at Plaza Olvera as text. This ongoing series is framed by the question, “Who do We Forget When We Remember?” and invites us to unpack how Western culture tracks time, when it chooses to start tracking time, who it chooses to include/exclude in its mythmaking, and the limitations of the language used to describe the people and events in those histories.

Founding I (Who do We Forget When We Remember?) focuses on the statue of Charles III which was moved to Plaza Olvera in 1987.

Founding II (Pobladores) focuses on the language of the Spanish census on the Los Pobladores plaque at Plaza Olvera.