George Evans

About The Artwork

Recognition of the African American Artist in Los Angeles, 2023, Video

While teaching an after school art program in Willowbrook for high school students we took a field trip to the Watts Tower during the short days. Many of these students who live in the area had never seen the Towers. Artist Charles Dickson was there to provide lecture about the Towers. I’m submitting this photograph because it has become a strong symbol of the Black and Brown community we share.

The Textures of Los Angeles, 2023, Video

I photograph streetscapes and many other subjects around our city. The Textures of Los Angeles are photos taken over the past three years or more and are centered around South Central, Los Angeles covering the Watts, Willowbrook, and Compton areas. I look for the difference between these and other areas to demonstrate the contrast of the Los Angeles landscapes. I look for designs, colors, and textures in how the people construct the things they need to make a community work for themselves as my family did.