Arts Services for Justice-impacted Adults Roster

In February 2023, the Department of Arts and Culture released a solicitation to establish a diverse Prequalified List of artists, arts organizations, and other community-based organizations to provide healing-centered arts services designed to support justice-impacted adults and their families at LA County locations, including adult reentry centers, parks, community centers, probation offices, and other sites operated by the County. The individuals and organizations on this list are well qualified to provide the following types of arts services:

  1. Guided Arts Instruction and Performances: Healing-centered and culturally diverse hands-on workshops, residencies, and performances that build skills in an art form, provide opportunities to create original work and tap into creative expression, enhance cognitive and social-emotional development, and provide hope and support to former gang-involved and justice-impacted adults. Art forms may include but are not limited to the visual arts (e.g., painting, drawing, photography), theater, music and drum circles, poetry and literary arts, spoken word and storytelling, movement and dance, podcasts, and multimedia (e.g., video, digital arts). Programming should support health and well-being, family healing and reunification, resilience, and transformation, and complement social services being provided by County partners and social service organizations that work with justice-impacted adults in County settings.
  2. Narrative Change: Engage justice-impacted adults in creative writing, poetry, podcasting, storytelling, songwriting, and other arts-based approaches that support social emotional well-being, reframe stereotypes, ignite self-discovery, and empower self-identity.
  3. Mentorship: One-on-one mentoring and professional development for justice-impacted adults interested in the arts and creative economy.
  4. Creative Career and College Support: Connect justice-impacted adults with pathways to college and careers in the arts and creative economy and build career readiness through training, internships, and other opportunities.
  5. Community-based Arts and Culture: Connect justice-impacted adults to arts and culture organizations based in their communities and empower and inspire them to engage in the arts beyond County sites.

The following Prequalified List will remain active from April 2023 – April 2026. 

The List

Actors' Gang, Inc
Alcott Center For Mental Health Services
Alliance for California Traditional Arts
Boyle Heights Arts Conservatory
Center for the Study of Political Graphics
Coalition for Engaged Education
Creative Acts
The Arts for Healing and Justice Network
Fostering Dreams Project
Heidi Duckler Dance
Jail Guitar Doors
Justice for My Sister
Los Angeles Mission
Nadene Pita
Center for the Empowerment of Families, Inc.
Spirit Awakening Foundation
Watts Empowerment Center


Please Note: Placement on the Prequalified List does not constitute an offer to contract or promise for  remuneration or recognition and does not guarantee any minimum amount of business. Arts and Culture, at times in partnership with other County departments, will issue a Work Order to the Prequalified List for specific projects. Proposals will be evaluated based on experience, approach, project alignment, and cost. For more information, please contact