CIAG Manage Your Grant - Terms & Instructions

Photo courtesy of the Library Foundation.

Award Requirements

Applicants should be aware that CIAG awards require certain administrative responsibilities. Reference the General Terms and Instructions for the correct year of your grant term to find information about managing your grant, meeting grantee requirements, receiving payments, and taking advantage of technical assistance and professional development opportunities.

2024-25 CIAG Contract Attachments

Who Can Sign the CIAG Contract?

The contract may be executed in one of two ways:

The contract may be executed by two members of your organization's board of directors. To be effective, one signature must be by the President, Vice-President, or Chairman, and the other signature must be of the Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Chief Financial Officer, or Treasurer.

For example: a contract signed by the President and Secretary is acceptable while a contract signed by the President and the Vice-President, or by the Secretary and the Chief Financial Officer, is not be acceptable.

Note: a person may hold more than one position within your organization. For example, an Executive Director may also sit on the board, and may sign contract using his or her board title in combination with a second signer. However, holding the title of Board President or Executive Director does not automatically mean that person has authority to bind the organization into a contract.

Your organization's board of directors may delegate the authority to sign the contract to a single person (e.g., the Executive Director), and this person may sign the contract on behalf of your board.

In such case, you must provide evidence of the person's authority to sign the contract. Such evidence typically takes the form of a resolution adopted by your organization's board of directors, board meeting minutes, or your organization's by-laws.

Note: Arts and Culture staff and County Counsel must approve this document prior to execution of the grant contract.