Access the 2018-19 Organizational Grant Program Guidelines.


There are various pieces to prepare before beginning your online application for the OGP program. Please read the Guidelines thoroughly to ensure compliance with deadlines and requirements.

Step 1: Calculate Your Grant Request
Step 2: DataArts - Cultural Data Profile
Step 3: OGP Online Grant Application



calculate your requestYour maximum allowable grant request is a proportion of your annual budget size. In order to determine your maximum grant request, you must know what your annual budget size is according to the DataArts Cultural Data Profile (CDP). This number can be accessed by logging into the DataArts website, downloading your LA County Arts Commission OGP Funder Report and locating the budget size in the header of page 1 at the top of the page.  Please note: your most recent CDP must be completed before you are able to download this report. See STEP 2 for more information about DataArts and the CDP.
Once you have located the number, input this number in the top budget box and click calculate. Your maximum grant request will be populate the bottom box. That is your maximum allowable grant request for two years, make sure to use that number to answer the "Request Amount" question on your grant application.

For the calculator to work, please remove commas, dollar signs, and periods.

Note: Minimum request for all budgets under $17,500 is now $7,500. Maximum request for organizations over $40 million is $300,000. All applicants will see their request amount increase as their budgets increase up to the maximum request of $300,000.

Please note: this calculation represents the maximum amount your organization may request for the full two year grant. As in past years, actual awards are calculated by multiplying the request by your application panel score, and then reducing all awards to fit within the total grant pool of available funds.




Applicants need to complete their CDP for the past three years of programming in order to apply.

Time Required: Plan to spend 10 to 15 hours completing each CDP. The Arts Commission recommends completing the profile as soon as deciding to apply. The Arts Commission cannot extend the application deadlines to allow for extra time to complete the CDP.
Minimum Data Profile Requirements: Applicants must submit three consecutive years of data. If filling out the CDP for the first time, please complete a CDP for each of your three most recently completed fiscal years. Going forward, applicants will only need to provide one year of data. NOTE: For organizations with only two full and consecutive years of producing and programming history, submitting a CDP for two recently completed fiscal years is acceptable.  
Information on how to get started can be found in DataArts’ Knowledgebase here. You can also search the Knowledgebase to help you as you work. There you will find information about the new questions in the CDP, balance sheets and audits, to name a few.  Applicants will also have access to online training and can receive support from DataArts’ Support Center during regular business hours.

For more information about DataArts and the CDP, click here.



The Arts Commission is transitioning to a new online grants management system for all future applications, forms and grants. You can read more about this HERE, including additional information about downloading historical data, i.e. previous grant applications, reports, forms, etc.

Current and recent grantees will be sent an email via the new system with a link to access the new account and the ability to update the information for the organization. If you did not receive an email on August 31, 2017, please contact Grants staff at

Applicants are required to submit applications, program documentation and support materials via the Arts Commission’s online grant system at We strongly recommend submitting your application at least 5 days prior to the deadline to give yourself ample time to troubleshoot and resolve any problems that you might encounter.

A blank, sample application can be found here.

Detailed application instructions for the 2018-19 OGP can be found here. 


For more information please contact Grants staff at or 213-202-5858.