Álvaro Marquez

About The Artwork

Tiburcio Vasquez, 2018, Print

Tiburcio Vasquez is a linocut portrait of renowned "bandit" Tiburcio Vasquez, who was known for robbing wealthy settlers after the US invasion of Southwestern Mexican territory, post 1849. Vasquez was a mestizo from Monterey County, who was eventually captured in Los Angeles County after being on the run for several years. His stories serve as the inspiration for the Zorro comics and films.

Geographies of Displacement, 2018, Print

This piece is based on a historical map of 1939 Los Angeles showing areas of redlined neighborhoods (in silver), juxtaposed with areas of intense gentrification from 2000-2015 (in gold). The map is an altered version of a HOLC (Homeowners Loan Corporation) map that was used to enforce racially-coded lending practices that discriminated against people of color.

Go East, 2017, Print

Go East is a linocut illustration showing the historical relationship between gentrification and settler colonialism vis-à-vis the development of what we now call Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). It features the DTLA skyline, with an image of a station wagon pulling a covered wagon; an allusion that references the ongoing displacement of peoples in Yanga (Tongva settlement in what we now call DTLA).