Christopher Baliwas

About The Artwork

Nuno sa San Conrado Mission, 2022, Charcoal and inkjet on paper

Nuno sa Santo Nino Parochial Hall, 2022, Charcoal and inkjet on paper

Nuno sa Tony Visco's Old Grocery Store, 2022, Charcoal and inkjet on paper

This body of work pinpoints specific sites (or sights) tied to marginalized Brown communities and seeks to invert the colonizer’s vision in which land is seen as empty. The photographic prints depict present-day addresses in LA which appeared on eviction notices issued to three predominantly Mexican neighborhoods during the 1950’s, later displaced to make way for the construction of Dodger Stadium. The black charcoal drawn images, which erase parts of the photographic print, are derived from Filipino amulets known as “anting-anting.” These amulets were part of essential Filipino battle gear as they were believed to give the Filipinos magical powers against the Spanish colonizers.