Daniel González

About The Artwork

Calaveras Maromeras, 2006, Print

Tumbling somewhere between a small town in México and the City of Los Angeles, are the skeletons of those who traverse borders. During the Día de Los Muertos, the dead are said to be allowed to cross the divide between the living and the dead to join their loved ones in celebration. How then will such a scenario play out for the millions of people that have loved ones on both sides?

Ofrenda for Ruben, 2012, Print

Rubén Salazar was the first journalist from main-stream media to report on the Chicano community. His photograph sits among mementos that make up an altar tribute to his life. He was killed by a shot in the head from a tear gas canister by a deputy of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He was shot while he sat at the Silver Dollar Bar in East L.A., taking a break from covering the Chicano Moratorium, a protest against the disproportionate number of Chicanos being drafted into the war.

Sobre el Río de la Porciuncula, 2012, Print

I grew up alongside the Los Angeles River in Boyle Heights. Crossing its bridges was always a special experience for me. I knew I would get to walk through Broadway's busy streets or through Olvera Street and see my parents reminisce about their childhood in Mexico. I love the landscapes that the bridges offered as you crossed them and they are some of my fondest memories.