Luis-Genaro Garcia

About The Artwork

Tears of the Madrigal 10, 1975, 2018, Mixed media

This artwork highlights the unjust sterilization practices on women of color at LA+USC Hospital. Madrigal v. Quilligan in 1975 was the case of the “Madrigal 10”, a group of Latina women that filed a class-action lawsuit against L.A. County doctors, the state of California, and the federal government. Images and documents along with recent newspaper headlines related to sexual assault cases connected to the University of Southern California, create a visual interpretation of the case along with a 1975 Monte Carlo to reference the political landscape of 1975.

No Justice, No Peace. 1992, 2018, Mixed media

This Image of a burning ABC supermarket is a visual representation of the climate that developed from the racial tension of the Rodney King verdict in 1992. It is one of the most disastrous examples of racism, and injustice in our judicial system, stemming from the social dynamics of early 90’s Los Angeles. The middle ground shows a dropped 1992 Chevy Caprice on Dayton rims to tell the narrative of the streets in 1992. Although the 92 Chevy Caprice was a vehicle used by law enforcement, it was also a vehicle that was being used within car culture. In my opinion It is an example of how car culture also resisted the cultural norms of police vehicles. A TV in the foreground is a symbol of the looting that ravaged many parts of Los Angeles and depleted its economy. A reference to 1991 is made through the video recording of the Rodney King beating and the 1991 Crown Victoria in the background, another vehicle used for law enforcement. The composition of newspaper clippings shows the current issues in South Central Los Angeles and the ways people of color continue to resist police brutality.