Mikki Paek

About The Artwork

Chung Ki Wa Plaza, 2018, Digital illustration

Dusty strip mall signs in Koreatown, often overlooked by outsiders, signify a vibrant community thriving under the radar of Greater Los Angeles. The signs, written in Korean, call out to those who search for a taste of something familiar from their memories of a home long gone, like a haircut from a hometown barber or pork potato stew just like how your umma used to make.

Catalina Liquor Store, 2018, Digital illustration

More than just a liquor store, Catalina Liquor is a family-owned corner mart where neighbors stop by to pick up a roll of toilet paper or ice. Kids swing by to pick up a bag of chips and soda after school. In the center of Koreatown, Catalina Liquor has been a community staple holding it down.