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Photo Courtesy of Contra-Tiempo | Urban Latin Dance Theater.

The Department of Arts and Culture subsidizes half- and full-day classes at The Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM) and The Nonprofit Partnership (TNP) for staff and board members of its OGP grantee organizations. All current OGP grantees with budgets under $15,000,000 are eligible to participate with the following provisions:

  1. Any staff or board members in organizations with budgets less than $5,000,000 may attend these opportunities.
  2. Mid-career and emerging leaders on the staff of organizations with budgets between $5,000,000 and $15,000,000 may attend these opportunities.

OGP grantees with budgets greater than $15,000,000 are not eligible to participate in these opportunities.

Eligible grantee organizations are eligible for up to five full and half-day courses at CNM and up to five half-and full-day courses at TNP per grant year, which runs from July – June.

Please Note: Sending three people to the same class counts as three of five, so be tactical in how you use these opportunities.


What Classes Are Available, And How Do I Sign Up?

All half- and full-day workshops at the Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM) and The Nonprofit Partnership (TNP) are available to eligible grantees free of charge with a limit of five opportunities per grant year as described above. Advance registration is also required. Eligible grantees can access free registration for the half-and full-day classes of their choice at the CNM and TNP websites.

Please Note: Registering for a class but failing to attend that class will require payment in full for that class to either CNM or TNP.

Multi-day certificate programs at CNM and TNP are available to grantees at up to a 50% discount off the full registration, pending advance approval by the Department of Arts and Culture. Please fill out this scholarship application at least two weeks in advance of the first day of the program. Do not register for the certificate program until you have heard back from the Department of Arts and Culture.

What About Scholarships For Other Training?

Eligible individuals from grantee organizations with budgets under $15,000,000 may apply for partial (up to 50% of registration with a cap of $600) scholarships to attend conferences and trainings of their choice. Scholarships may not be applied toward travel or housing costs.

Advance application is required at least two weeks prior to multi-day certificate programs, and one month before conferences. Unlike for half- and full-day courses, eligible grantees must pay full tuition up front, and receive the reimbursement payment from the Department of Arts and Culture upon submission of a brief survey and evidence of completing the conference/training.

Need More Info?

Contact Laura Guerrero-Nieto | Senior Associate, Grants + Professional Development at