CIAG Panelists

It is part of the Department of Arts and Culture's mandate to foster excellence in the arts in the County of Los Angeles. With that in mind, the Department of Arts and Culture views the peer panel process as not only a means to allocate grant funds but also to assist in the administrative and artistic growth of the organizations through helpful feedback about their management and programs. Comments and advice given by a panel of peers carries tremendous weight with the applicants.

The Department of Arts and Culture encourages panel comments that are balanced, acknowledge strengths, identify weaknesses of the application, offer constructive suggestions for improvement, and convey respect at all times. Panelists should consider each application on its own merits.

Getting Started

The LA County Department of Arts and Culture utilizes the SurveyMonkey Apply online grant system provide a streamlined and user-friendly experience for applicants and for reviewers. Applications are reviewed and scored entirely online without the need to print forms and make handwritten notes. Utilizing SurveyMonkey Apply, panelists can review and score applications anywhere there is internet access.

To view assigned applications, use the username (email address) and password emailed to you by grants staff members.

To serve as a panelist with the Department of Arts and Culture, you must obtain an official LA County vendor number.


CIAG Panelist Resources

CIAG Panel Review Criteria

Meeting logistics, FAQs, timeline, and other important information for panelists.

CIAG Panel Review Guide

Information on navigating and completing your online review.

CIAG CEI Resources

A breakdown of review guidelines including criteria descriptions.

CIAG Sample Application

A list of resources pertaining to the Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative.

Ciag Panel handbook

A blank 2022-23 CIAG sample application for reference.

CIAG Conflict of Interest Form

A form for indicating potential conflicts of interest.