The Recommendation

All cultural organizations receiving LA County funds must now have written, board-adopted statements, policies, or plans that outline their commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and access.


  • This requirement is being implemented in Fall 2018 with the opening of the application period for the FY 2019/20 funding cycle.
  • The Department of Arts and Culture has contracted with The Nonprofit Partnership to develop professional development and technical assistance workshops for the field.
    • Sixty-six hours of workshops for grantees across the County have been offered—including full-day and half-day offerings
    • These workshops focused on preparing current grantees to develop cultural equity statements, policies, and plans to be approved by their boards and submitted with grant applications in the Fall.
    • To date, 245 individuals representing more than 115 organizations have attended.
    • Additional workshops may be offered throughout the upcoming grant cycle.
  • The Nonprofit Partnership also developed a series of recommendations for the Organizational Grant Program guidelines and review process for better alignment with the new mandate.
  • Recommendation were provided to Commissioners for consideration in preparation for the FY 2019/20 application launch in September 2018. Updated Guidelines will be released in Fall 2018.

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