The Advisory Committee has been a part of Arts and Culture's CEII Work from the beginning. During the 18-month development period, the first advisory committee guided the initiative and shaped its vision, goals and recommendations to the board.

The first advisory committee was led by three co-chairs: Tim Dang, the former Producing Artist Director at East West Players; Helen Hernandez, President and Founder of The Imagen Foundation and executive producer of the Imagen Awards; Maria Rosario Jackson, Institute Professor, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Arizona State University.

Over 130 individuals self-nominated or were nominated to participate on the committee. The co-chairs carefully reviewed the nomination list and recommended 36 community leaders from across a variety of sectors to serve on the Advisory Committee, striving for diverse representation including ethnicity, disciplines, age, LGBTQ, and able-challenged communities.

2015-17 Committee Members

Tim Dang, Co-Chair
Helen Hernandez, Co-Chair
Maria Rosario Jackson, Co-Chair

Betty Avila
Julia Diamond
Letitia Fernandez Ivins
Prumsodun OK
Glenna Avila
John Echeveste
Joel Jacinto
Debra Padilla
Carlos Benavides
Jordan Elgarbly
Charmaine Jefferson
Claire Peeps
Deborah Borda
Quetzal Flores
Gregorio Luke
Randy Reinholz
Pamela Bright-Moon
Edgar Garcia
Claudia Margolis
Luis Radriguez
Ben Caldwell
Kiki Ramos Gindler
Kathy McDonnell
Koji Steven Sakai
Barbara Carasco
Mynor Godoy
Rachel Moore
Jose Luis Valenzuela
Juan Devis
Lelie Ito
Elena Muslar
Diana Vesga

When the LA County Board of Supervisors approved five recommendations from the Cultural Equity & Inclusions Initiative, they also directed Arts and Culture to maintain the CEII Advisory Committee as a standing committee the department of Arts and Culture.

2018-20 Committee Members

Tim Dang*, Co-Chair
Helen Hernandez*, Co-Chair
Maria Rosario Jackson, Co-Chair

Allison Agsten
Glenna Avila
Leni Boorstini
Pamela Bright Moon*
Ben R. Caldwell
Mike Che
Carla Corona
Shannon Daut
Fabian Debora
Juan Devis
Julia Diamondi
Letitia Fernandez Ivins
Angela Lucia Flores
David A. Ford
Dellis Frank
Helen Hernandez*
Dawn Jackson
Charmaine Jefferson
Angela Johnson Peters
Constance Jolcuvar*
Bettina Korek*
DJ Kurs
Karen Mack
Hayk Makhmuryan
Ines Familiar Miller
Kai Monet
Elena Muslar
Ming Ngi
Rick Noguchi
Debra J.T. Padilla
Kiki Ramos Gindler
Lucas Riverai
Koji Steven Sakai
Nathalie Sanchez
Liz Schindler-Johnson*
Thor Steingraber
Griselda Suarez
Diana Vesgai
Kenneth Walker

On April 4, 2018, Commissioner Valdez made a motion (seconded by Commissioner Clausen Odenthal) to accept the proposed slate of 2018-20 CEII Advisory Committee of members as presented, which increases the total membership from 36 to 45 seats to include 8 County cultural department representatives along with members representing the community and commissioners.

* denotes a member of the Arts Commission
I denotes a representative from a County cultural department